'Veep’ star dishes about new season
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Tony Hale, who plays Gary on HBO’s 
“Veep,” says the show’s new season is a “recipe for disaster.”

Disaster, of course, means funny for the award-winning show. Many inside the D.C. Beltway and beyond are counting down the days until the April 6 premiere.
In an interview, Hale told us much of the third season features Vice President Selina Meyer (portrayed by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) getting outside of the office and raising money. Selina wants to succeed her boss, who doesn’t seek her counsel and is never seen on the show.
The second season of “Veep” was released on DVD Tuesday, and it includes must-see deleted scenes. One of them involves a lewd joke about C-SPAN viewers (We won’t spoil it, although it’s not one you’d repeat at the office water cooler).
Hale says his favorite episode of last season was “Running,” when Gary gave Selina St. John’s wort, which didn’t mix well with her antidepressants. The loopy veep walked into a glass window, and well, didn’t look so presidential with bandages all over her face.
Hale last fall received an Emmy for his work in "Veep," something he described to us as “an out-of-body experience.”
He says the show gets to the “humanity” of political leaders in the “pressure cooker” of Washington. D.C. Hale explains that the show provides a glimpse of how political types act behind closed doors.
“We take it to the extreme, of course,” Hale said.
The former star of “Arrested Development” says Gary “needs a lot of therapy, which seems to be a theme of the characters I've played in my career."

But Selina’s faithful assistant — unlike others in the show — is content with his position and not looking to climb the D.C. career ladder, Hale notes.

Selina is "everything" to Gary, Hale says, adding, "She is Jesus to him."

Gary will try to impress Selina even more than usual in the new season, he said.

Asked about his real-life relationship with Louis-Dreyfus, Hale says she “is a huge team player” and sets the tone for the show.
He credited the show’s creator, Armando Iannucci, and producer Tony Roche, for giving the cast a lot of leeway and encouraging improvisation.
What’s the most surprising thing about Veep that most viewers don’t know? The writers, who capture the comedy of American politics, are British, Hale points out.
DISCLOSURE: The writer of this article has a cameo role in “Veep” this season.