Speaker John BoehnerJohn BoehnerLast Congress far from ‘do-nothing’ Top aide: Obama worried about impeachment for Syria actions An anti-government ideologue like Mulvaney shouldn't run OMB MORE (R-Ohio) on Wednesday sent chocolates to Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) office for her 74th birthday.

But she can't enjoy the gift until Easter on April 20 because she gave up chocolate for Lent. (Some Catholics maintain Sundays in Lent don't count, but we won't delve into that spirited debate here).

In a short note to Pelosi, Boehner said he was guessing that Pelosi didn't give up chocolates. He guessed wrong, but the thought is what counts, right? And chocolate doesn't go bad in less than a month so no harm, no foul.

Pelosi thanked Boehner on Twitter while noting that the gift will test her during Lent, which lasts 46 days and is now about half over. Both Pelosi and Boehner are Catholic.