The Hill’s own Bob Cusack is calling Sunday night’s episode of HBO’s “Veep,” the “best ‘Veep’ ever.” But the newspaper’s managing editor admits he’s biased, because he had a speaking role in the hit political comedy show.

Cusack (who also happens to be ITK’s fearless editor) took a break from his day job to play Mr. Cunningham, the head of an anti-abortion rights group, in the series that stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a sometimes bumbling, fictional vice president.

Calling it “very exciting and strange,” Cusack says “it was surreal” seeing himself on “Veep.” But the coolest part about the gig? ”High-fiving Julia Louis-Dreyfus after we filmed a scene together. That scene got cut, but it was the most memorable high-five of my life.”

The reaction from friends and family has been “amazing,” says Cusack, who got his start in showbiz starring in a 1970s Pampers diapers commercial as a baby. But he is getting some ribbing for one particular facial expression that aired in Sunday’s episode: “Most people are giving me crap over my smirk in the hallway scene.”

To the relief of many of his colleagues, the journalist, who has appeared in more than 30 TV shows, commercials, and films, says he’s not ditching D.C. just yet: “Hollywood hasn't called, but if the phone rings, I'll answer it. Until then, I will enjoy my job at The Hill. I love coming to work every day.”