President Obama's hoop shooting ability appears to be improving slightly, if his showing at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll is any indication.

The commander in chief, a basketball fanatic, hit one out of three shots in front of a crowd of children Monday at the 136th annual event on the south lawn of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

After missing the first two shots, Obama was able to get the ball through the net on his third try, according to pool reports. While not great, it's still much better than last year's Easter Egg Roll, when he landed a mere two out of 22 shots from the free throw line.

Obama might have been rattled by last night's loss by Obama's hometown Chicago Bulls, which lost the first game of the first round of the NBA playoffs to the Washington Wizards.

Despite his improvement shooting baskets, Obama stuck to doling out advice for other sports to kids engaging in one of the many physical activities at the "Hop into Health, Swing into Shape"-themed Easter Egg Roll.

"Good shot, I like that form," he told a young boy playing tennis.

"I love your sport. It's a great sport," he then told the adults overseeing the tennis match.