Sen. Carl LevinCarl LevinObama to preserve torture report in presidential papers 'Nuclear option' for Supreme Court nominees will damage Senate McCain's Supreme Court strategy leads to nuclear Senate MORE (D-Mich.) has made a habit out of grilling corporate executives and Wall Street giants, but that doesn't mean he won't take orders from his grandson now and again.

The retiring lawmaker and head of the Senate Permanent subcommittee on Investigations told reporters on Thursday that his iPhone is decked out in a bright yellow case because his grandson said so.

“He gave that to me in case I ever had a picture on television,” he said.

A longtime critic of companies trying to shrink their tax bill by moving money overseas, Levin made good use of the banana-colored phone, waving it in front of Apple CEO Tim Cook at a hearing last spring.

“I was giving them a hard time for keeping all their profits overseas and using gimmicks to avoid paying taxes,” he said. “I said, ‘Listen I love your products,’ and I held it up like this. It was all over America. My grandson saw a picture because of his beautiful yellow case.”