We’re being flooded with nominations for this year’s “50 Most Beautiful” list, and we can’t help but share a few of the rather entertaining submissions.

Some folks are having fun with a bit of wordplay in their nominations: “She may be a vegetarian, but [the nominee] is always hungry for the meat of politics, and this beauty doesn’t deserve tasting the regret of not being listed on this year’s edition of the Hill’s Top 50 Most Beautiful.”

Here's another: “My nominee for the 50 Most Beautiful issue is like a bar of gold: always in demand, valuable in many ways and attractive inside and out.”

While others are putting on the pressure on the judges here at The Hill: “It's inevitable that she will be on this list at one point in her career, so you might as well get it out of the way now, so that you can claim (wrongly) that The Hill discovered her before she was someone (even though she already is someone).”

Other submissions appear to have drawn inspiration from some deep reading, employing some Zen-like language: “If you would like to know more about him, just open your eyes. He can be seen everywhere but you may not always notice him for who he TRULY is...You may think he is just the guy opening the door for you or another random stranger Hill Staffer that gives you a nod in the hall not knowing that he has plotted and waited for the perfect time to cross your path.”

And still other nominations aren’t above a little buttering up of The Hill staff, who votes on the 2014 list. One nomination email addressed us as “Wise and benevolent judges of The Hill’s Top 50 Most Beautiful” while another submission started off, “Hello Awesome Person reading This.”

Although we can’t be swayed by a bit of flattery, we do love a good dose of humor.

One person nominating someone for the list wrote, “I'm not a policy expert...but what I do know, as a gay man, is this list. Here's who you want.”

One bard-like reader is apparently a poet. While we wouldn’t exactly call this person the next Emily Dickinson, their submission takes the cake when it comes to “50 Most Beautiful”-inspired rhymes:


“She’s from New York-Just call her the Italian Stallion,

The Hill needs her like late night TV needs Fallon.


She’s a double threat — with beauty and brains,

The only woman in DC that still attends meetings when it rains.


She’s confident and smart — handles herself with class,

Not to mention, she has a really nice…pass (to get into the Russell building).


Her eyes shine brighter than Times Square at night,

When it comes to lobbying, she’s not afraid to fight.


She’s really gorgeous — but her morals are what’s hot,

We’ll support her more than Coloradoans’ reps fight for pot.”


There’s still time to nominate yourself or someone you know for the 2014 list. Be sure to include the person’s name, place of employment, contact information, and photo in an email to 50MB@thehill.com. But hurry, the nomination period ends Friday.