President Obama’s breakfast at a Chicago restaurant was served up with a side of irony on Friday, after he “strayed from” the eatery’s “President Obama’s Favorites” menu.

The commander-in-chief dined with Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D) at Valois Restaurant in the Windy City.

“President Obama’s Favorites,” which included “N.Y. steak and eggs;” two eggs with bacon or sausage; two pancakes; steak omelet; Mediterranean omelet; and an “all-vegi” egg white omelet, were featured on a separate menu board, according to a White House press pool report.

But Obama decided to mix things up, and as the pool reports, “strayed a bit” from his faves. Instead, he ordered two eggs over medium with bacon and hash browns.

After ordering his meal at the counter of the casual dining spot, the president plopped down two $20 bills and said, “I don’t take free food.”

The report notes that the restaurant is “clearly an Obama mainstay: A glass cabinet was filled with Valois coffee mugs adorned with Obama’s face, and assorted Obama clippings and photos hung on a wall.”

Obama was poised to return to Washington on Friday after traveling to Illinois for Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee fundraisers.