BLIND BEAUTIFUL ITEM: The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful list could be credited with a future love connection.

Two nominees on the 2014 list appeared to catch each other’s eye during a photo shoot this week outside the Russell Senate Office Building.

As one dashing gent — donning a suit but no tie — walked up to The Hill’s team for his scheduled shoot, he noticed a fellow nominee in a skin-hugging royal blue dress wrapping up her snapshot session.

“You must be No. 1 [on the list], right?” he said suavely to the female congressional staffer. Smooth move!

“Hey,” she coyly replied, with a grin on her face.

Alas, the potential lovebirds’ flirting was cut short when the guy had to skedaddle in order to start posing for his photo shoot.

But the smitten woman couldn’t take her eyes off the Most Beautiful hopeful, eyeing him as he put his best face forward and struck a pose for our cameras. “He’s so hot!” she gushed to the Most Beautiful crew. We offered her a chance to stick around until her Prince Charming’s photo shoot finished, but duty called, and she had to return to her office. 

Yet we’re hopeful that this pair could be a match made in 50 Most Beautiful heaven — and we fully expect an invite to the wedding.