Bragging rights on the line in cycling showdown

Ryan McVay

The Air Force Association wants to find out which political party has real pedaling prowess as it holds a challenge that pits Republican and Democratic cyclists against one another for a charity fundraiser.

For the first time, the Air Force Association Cycling Classic is holding a congressional challenge during its race this weekend. According to the organization, any lawmaker and congressional staffer can sign up “to ride for bragging rights for their political parties.” The challenge will count the laps of each Capitol Hill participant. At the end of the race, the total laps of Democratic and Republican participants will be tallied to create team scores and to declare a winning party.

The two-day festivities, which raise money for the Air Force Association Wounded Airman Program, begin on June 7 in Arlington, Va. 

With a handful of staffers already signed up  — including folks from the offices of Sens. Chuck GrassleyChuck GrassleyThe Trail 2016: Fight night Clinton, Trump tied in Iowa, Grassley leads in Senate race Senate rivals gear up for debates MORE (R-Iowa) and Carl LevinCarl LevinThe Fed and a return to banking simplicity What Our presidential candidates can learn from Elmo Zumwalt Will there be a 50-50 Senate next year? MORE (D-Mich.) — there’s still time to rep one’s political party in the cycling showdown. More info is available on the group’s website: