A standoff between a left-leaning campaign advertising firm and a popular ice cream maker is ending sweetly, as Revolution Messaging and Ben & Jerry’s announced an “ice cream reconciliation” on Friday.

The digital marketers at D.C.-based Revolution Messaging launched a campaign bashing the ice cream company after a Ben & Jerry’s truck delivering free scoops of its frozen product as part of a promotional campaign passed over the advertising firm earlier this week and instead paid a visit to the Washington Redskins.

“Ben & Jerry’s ice cream promised to cool down overheated D.C. workers, but instead they spent the day in Maryland, hanging out with the most hated name in the NFL,” an attack ad posted on YouTube and created by Revolution Messaging declared.

“What would the Native Americans think? What will D.C. lobbyists do?” the ad’s narrator asked as dramatic music played.

In a Wednesday tweet, Ben & Jerry’s told the firm:

But now it appears the two sides are chilling out and are willing to share some sweet treats together. They’ll be holding what Revolution is calling an “ice cream reconciliation” outside the firm’s Washington headquarters on Friday afternoon.

The ad agency’s founder, Scott Goodstein, said in a news release, “Much like the beer summit of 2009, it is our hope that this ice cream reconciliation will serve as an example to dueling Washington leaders who can similarly work through conflicts and find common ground to move the country forward.”