Schiff gets personal after charity bike ride
© Greg Nash

The first things Rep. Adam SchiffAdam Bennett SchiffNew York seeks authority to prosecute despite presidential pardons Schiff pushes bill to review any Trump pardons in Russia probe Former GOP donor says he's using tax-cut money to fight Trump admin policies, elect Dems MORE says he did when he got home after completing a 545-mile charity bike ride was switch on the air conditioner and take a “coma-like nap.”

The California Democrat was one of thousands of riders who participated in AIDS LifeCycle, a seven-day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money and awareness about HIV and AIDS.

On Sunday — the day he finished up the epic ride — Schiff wrote on his Facebook page, “Well, I made it. 545 miles on a seat the size of a slice of cheesecake.”

The congressman, 53, wrote, “When I got home, I turned on the AC, lay down on the floor and fell into a coma-like nap. Got about 20 rem cycles in 45 minutes. It was heaven. Then I took a bath. I know, bordering on TMI here, but that was also awesome.”

In a lengthy post, Schiff writes that he initially “had reservations” about the journey, because cyclists aren’t allowed to listen to music during the roughly six to ten-hour daily treks for safety reasons.

“I half sang, half hummed almost the entire way. Quietly, so I wouldn't come off as a real whacko, but I could hear myself and with the wind blowing all the time I didn't sound half bad,” said Schiff.

Singing wasn’t the only thing that got the lawmaker through the trip. Schiff says he had a scene from the 1998 flick, “The Big Lebowski,” in mind near the end of his travels. He wrote of the film, “It's a classic. If you haven't seen, I highly recommend it. I'm kind of a groupie. You will either love it or say, ‘What did I just see?’ It's one of those kind of movies.”

A Steely Dan song also got Schiff through the last leg of his long ride: “ ‘Home at Last’ is going through my head (come on, young people, great tune by Steeley [sic] Dan and don't tell me you don't know who they are — only one of the best studio and touring bands ever).”

Schiff says the cycling challenge brought in $15 million, calling the amount the “most ever” raised. And it also gave the House member an opportunity to be a bit more conversational on his Facebook page.

“I gather from many of you that you enjoyed hearing a more personal blog than what I usually post, and I will try to do that periodically,” he wrote on Sunday.

“I know what you're thinking, ‘oh God, one ALC trip and now he's going to start sharing his feelings.’ No worries, I won't go too far,” he said.