It seems almost nothing will stop a 50 Most Beautiful nominee from making it to their photo shoot — not even a few bumps and bruises from a taxicab fender bender right before their snapshot session.

The Hill is currently in the process of taking the pics of more than 100 Most Beautiful contestants, and when a nominee was running a bit late last week for her scheduled photo shoot at the Russell Senate Office Building, we figured maybe she just got camera shy. But then, the MIA Most Beautiful nominee came running to the rotunda.

“Sorry I’m late,” she exclaimed, before telling the crew how she was taking a cab to the morning shoot when the vehicle got into an accident and smashed the car in front of it. Not wanting to miss her big photo shoot, she bolted from the backseat of the banged up cab and ran the rest of the way toward the Capitol. She explained of her split-second decision that she hadn’t even remembered to get the cabbie’s name and number.

“Are you OK?” the concerned Most Beautiful team asked.

“Oh yeah,” she replied, as she stroked her neck and pointed to her hand, saying she may have gotten a few small boo-boos. On the upside, the potential list beauty’s makeup remained perfectly applied, with nary a hair on her head out of place.

The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful list, which will be unveiled at the end of July, now gives new meaning to the phrase, “Beauty is pain.”