Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) still doesn’t know what happened in his game of pool last week against President Obama.

Hickenlooper said he “felt pretty good” at the beginning of their game at Wynkoop Brewing Company, a brewery just steps from the Colorado Rockies’ Coors Field.

“And then, literally before my eyes he ran like four balls,” the governor told The Wall Street Journal.

Obama prevailed, so the Democratic politicians agreed to go double-or-nothing on the next game, increasing the pot to $20.

But the president won again.

“I still had four balls on the table when he nailed the eight ball,” Hickenlooper confessed.

“He was making long shots with a difficult angle. I didn’t know people in Hawaii played that much pool. Evidently they do…. The man is a shark.”

The Colorado governor insisted there was no deference to the president at the pool table.

“I was playing as hard as I could possibly play,” Hickenlooper said.

“I’m not a bad pool player,” he added.

After the game, Obama returned the $20 and asked Hickenlooper to find a good charity. But the president did crow about his victory during a speech the next day in Denver.

“You should not ask him who won,” Obama joked. “No, no, really, don't ask Governor Hickenlooper who won at pool.”