South Dakota elects the “Most Beautiful” lawmakers, according to a new study.

Eric Ostermeier at the University of Minnesota’s non-partisan political news site, Smart Politics, analyzed ten years-worth of The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful lists. His findings? “Top honors go to South Dakota, and it’s not even close.”

Since 2004, 60 percent of the Mount Rushmore State’s lawmakers have landed a spot on the annual Most Beautiful list, including Rep. Kristi Noem (R), who was featured in 2011, and Sen. John Thune (R), a 2005 winner. 

As Ostermeier notes, “Only Democratic Senators Tom Daschle (who exited the chamber in January 2005) and Tim Johnson (who is retiring at the end of this year) failed to make the list. That's a lot of beauty for a state with the fifth smallest population in the country at well under 900K.”

Alaska comes in at a distant second place, with 25 percent of its congressional delegation making the “Beautiful” cut, while Washington state rounds out the top three.

The 2014 edition of the 50 Most Beautiful was unveiled on Tuesday. According to Ostermeier’s number crunching, sixteen states have never had a member of Congress appear on the list.