A whiteboard in a second-floor conference room at the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) recently featured a unique set of instructions, according to an ITK spy.

“Shake yo’ money maker” was written in the middle of the board in big letters, with dollar signs all around it. Fitting, given that the second floor is where the finance staff sits.

The slogan was originally written as part of the popular rap song “Money Maker,” by the artist Ludacris, and the “shake” directive is apparently aimed at an exotic dancer. The full line goes:

“Shake your money maker, like somebody ’bout to pay ya.

I see you on my radar, so don’t act like you’re a faker.”

“Money Maker” proved to be exactly that for Ludacris and co-writer Pharrell Williams. The platinum-selling album hit No. 1 on various national and international charts before winning the 2007 Grammy Award for Best Rap Song.

By all accounts, the “Money Maker” theme is working pretty well over at the NRSC, too: The fundraising arm of the GOP committee has recovered from a nearly $70 million fundraising deficit last year, and is running nearly even with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

At press time, an NRSC spokesman was still looking into how the slogan got on the whiteboard.