Biden to appear on the 'The Daily Show'

Vice President Joe Biden will appear on Comedy Central's satiric "The Daily Show" next week, the network announced Friday.

Biden will join host Jon Stewart for a sit-down interview on Tuesday, to be broadcast that night.

Biden will be the first sitting vice president to appear on the show, Comedy Central said in a press release, though he had previously appeared on the show six times as a senator. (His last appearance came in August of 2007.)

Stewart's "Daily Show" has made a name for itself as a darling among liberals, with the left-leaning host having skewered Fox News, CNBC, and a number of other Republican targets over the years. Most recently, Stewart won a concession from conservative Fox host Sean Hannity after the "Daily Show" discovered that Hannity's broadcast had used inaccurate stock footage posing as video of that day's healthcare "House call" protests on the Capitol.

President Barack Obama has appeared on the show previously, but not since being elected to that office.