Chinese ask Obama 'How much wine can you drink?'

Chinese Internet users want to know if President Barack Obama will play Truth or Dare. They're also wondering whether he likes Kung Pao chicken.

These are just a few of the thousands of questions that have been collected online by the state news outlets Xinhua and People's Daily, in anticipation of Obama's visit to Shanghai on Monday. During his stop in the city, Obama will receive a selection of these questions, which seemingly cover every possible topic.

"How much wine can you drink for once? Will you play the Truth or Dare game after drinking?" one user wrote.

"Do you have a Facebook account? May I add you as a friend?" asked another.

Visitors also want to know whether the president knows how to use chopsticks, how he maintains a happy marriage, and whether the government pays for First Lady Michelle Obama's wardrobe.

No word on whether Obama will actually answer any of the inquiries.