Palin: I want's Rahm's job, not Obama's

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin doesn't want President Barack Obama's job. She wants Rahm Emanuel's.

Asked by People magazine what job in the White House she would want if she had to start tomorrow, Palin responded she wants to be chief of staff.

In an interview released Tuesday, Palin explained that she wanted the notoriously taxing job "so that I could start appointing people who would recognize those things that America needs to get our economy  back on the right track and to secure our nation."

Palin on Monday told Oprah Winfrey that the 2012 presidential election is "not on my radar screen right now." She explained that her developmentally disabled son, Trig, will start kindergarten in 2012, and she's "looking forward to that."

On the topic of whether her children were "glad" that she resigned the Alaska governorship in July of 2009, Palin said, "We're a team in this, so at the end of the day, they're just fine."

The mother of five also offered advice to readers who sent in questions. She counseled a military wife and mother of two special-needs children to go out for a "walk or a run and [take] the kids with [her]" when she felt stressed.

Palin also channeled her comedic impersonator, Tina Fey, by answering a reader's dating question in the style of Fey's character, Liz Lemon, on NBC's hit show "30 Rock."

Lemon frequently uses the term "deal breaker" to describe qualities that eliminate a potential boyfriend. Palin told People she knows about the joke and thinks it's "hilarious."

People reader Samantha Harris wrote that her boyfriend, "doesn't believe in politics because it doesn't affect him," asking Palin, "Do you think this is a deal-breaker?"

Palin responded, "The deal-breaker is that he may not be that sharp a cookie. Politics affects every aspect of our lives."