'Party of 5' star Scott Wolf on Capitol Hill

Actor Scott Wolf will relive his college days Thursday when he visits Capitol Hill.

The actor, who stars in the new ABC series “V,” attended George Washington University, and one of his best memories is playing softball blocks away from the Capitol on the National Mall.

College was also where Wolf first became interested in hunger relief. “Once a month, some friends of mine and I would take our Saturdays and go down to the local food bank and serve meals,” he told ITK. “It opened my eyes to the importance of helping those less fortunate.”

He’ll bring that interest to the House Ways and Means Committee Thursday for a hearing on food banks and front-line charities.

The hearing is Wolf’s first appearance before Congress, but it’s not his first foray into politics.

“I first met Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and his daughters at charitable events, and I really admire them,” said the Boston native, “So in 2004, my wife Kelley and I went to Iowa and volunteered for Kerry during the caucuses.”

Wolf became a father for the first time in March of 2009, and the experience has added to his sense of urgency about hunger relief. “You put a lot more thought into the world you want to create for your child,” he said, “and a lot of things are simplified.”

As for his Thanksgiving holiday plans, “it’ll be my son’s first Thanksgiving, and he’ll have dinner, or some small mashed up version of a dinner, with family.”