Send lumps of coal to Congress!

For $7.99, a Richmond company will send a specially packaged lump of coal to your favorite member of Congress just in time for the holidays.

The pre-packaged three-ounce servings arrive in a plastic bag accompanied by the buyer's choice of one of two letters to their representative. There is a letter for Republicans scolding the lawmaker for not doing more to support healthcare and climate change legislation, and a letter for Democrats with an admonishment about the federal deficit and government-run healthcare.

Coal for Congress is the brainchild of talk-radio host Jimmy Barrett and Ron Melancon of Glenn Allen, Va. According to the website,, 19 packages have been sent so far, with proceeds going to the Alden Aaroe Shoe Fund, a popular Richmond non-profit that provides shoes for needy children.

“I actually mail it for you, certified mail, and e-mail you a tracking number so you, at home, can actually track the package to Washington and can receive the satisfaction of knowing the letter arrives,” Melancon told the Richmond Post-Dispatch.

The first batch of coal began arriving Nov. 15, but the Post-Dispatch reports that according to the U.S. Postal Service’s online tracking information, legislators have yet to sign for the packages.