Kucinich turned away from sold-out movie

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) and his wife Elizabeth tried to go to the movies on Friday night, but the flick they wanted to see was sold out.

The couple were spotted at the Regal Cinemas in Gallery Place. Kucinich arrived before his wife, and sipped a soft drink on the lower level while waiting for her. Mrs. Kucinich arrived a few minutes later, sporting an all-black ensemble with a golden eagle brooch. Her husband wore a corduroy blazer (and his congressional pin).

They tried to buy a movie ticket on a Fandango ticket machine, but they were turned away from the sold-out show. Unfazed, the pair clasped hands and rode an elevator down to the ground floor and walked out of the theater.

No word on what the lawmaker and his wife hoped to see,  but it was a big weekend for movies: the vampire chronicle "New Moon," the sci-fi flick "2012," and the urban drama "Precious" all sold-out in Washington theaters and across the nation.

H/T: Jordan Fabian