Skydiver hopes to land in Congress

Attention North Carolina: there's a skydiver running for Congress.

Tim D'Annunzio, owner of skydiving school Paraclete XP Skyventure, is running for the Republican nomination in North Carolina's 8th District, and he promises to be an "ambassador" for skydiving in the nation's capital. This is a recent campaign flyer.

According to the flyer, if elected to Congress, D'Annunzio intends to keep skydiving. "Skydiving has been a major part of my daily life for over thirty-five years and that won't change once I am in Congress," he says.

If D'Annunzio beats Rep. Larry Kissell (D-N.C.) next fall, he wouldn't be the only House member to have jumped out of a plane: Rep. Nick Rahall (R-W.V.) took the plunge in July as part of the 2009 Friends of Coal Auto Fair in Beckley, W.Va.