Google lists top scandals of 2009

Google has released a list of the top scandals searched on the global search engine in 2009, and the top 10 line up almost evenly along two predictably controversial topics, sex (4) and money (6). Some even involve both, like Sen. John Ensign's (R-Nev.) saga, shown here with, from left, his wife, Darlene, his former mistress Cindy Hampton, and her husband and Ensign's former employee, Doug Hampton.

Their 15 Minutes*

  1. bernie madoff
  2. mark sanford
  3. rod blagojevich
  4. john edwards
  5. silvio berlusconi
  6. r allen stanford
  7. tom daschle
  8. john ensign
  9. bill richardson
  10. charles rangel
But the year's not over yet, and Google may need to make room for the White House party crashers, Tareq and Michaele Salahi.

They also listed the most searched-for members of the Senate. Interestingly, Sen. Olmpia Snowe (R-Maine) didn't crack the top 10, despite endless stories about her ability to make or break on healthcare.

1. kennedy
2. nelson
3. boxer
4. feinstein
5. reid
6. byrd
7. dodd
8. schumer
9. grassley
10. warner

hat tip: Political Wire and Eric Zimmerman