FCC chairman gets laughs at 'telecom prom'

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski showed staffers and lobbyists that he has a sense of humor on Thursday night, with a bit of help from Twitter.

Speaking at the annual chairman's dinner (a.k.a. the "telecom prom"), Genachowski used Twitter to deliver the funniest punch-lines of his speech, making light of some of his agency's biggest issues.

Here are a few of the Tweets from the fake Twitter feed displayed behind him:

Before Genachowski even got going, the CEOs of Comcast and NBC curried favor.

Comcast CEO Brian_Roberts: U R Hilarious! Best chairman's dinner ever!

NBC CEO Jeff_Zucker: Totally Agree!

Genachwoski then talked about how transformative the invention of the Internet has proven to be.

One-time, self-proclaimed internet inventor' Al_Gore: Thanks for the shout out.

Genachowski, pictured here speaking at an unrelated event, then went on to talk about how an open Internet will create jobs and spur economic development, which was a bitter pill for Comcast's top lobbyist.

Jim_Cicconi: YOU LIE!!!