Obama picks Xmas gifts for Gibbs, Cabinet member at Home Depot

President Barack Obama found the perfect Christmas gifts at an Alexandria, Va. Home Depot store on Tuesday for press secretary Robert Gibbs and Energy Secretary Steven Chu.

Speaking to a group about green jobs and retrofitting insulation, which he called "sexy," Obama couldn't help noticing how useful some of the merchandise might be:

"So, seeing how Christmas is just around the corner, and we’re at Home Depot," he told the crowd, "I thought I might knock out some of my holiday shopping.

"I figure my Energy Secretary wants a few million energy-efficient light bulbs." The audience laughed.

"And my press secretary wants something that will prevent leaks," he joked, prompting a collective 'oooh' from the crowd.

Obama should have no trouble finding either gift: According to Home Depot's website, it carries 89 different kinds of leak sealants and 31 types of compact florescent light bulbs. Although at approximately $55 a pop, a few million fancy bulbs might raise eyebrows on Capitol Hill.