Kucinich would 'order everyone to eat vegan brownies'

Few would characterize Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) as a conventional thinker, but one answer stood out during an online interview hosted by reddit.com, which released the 28-minute video on Tuesday.

"What would you do if you could be dictator of the United States for a day?" Kucinich (pictured here with wife Elizabeth) read from a piece of paper.

Hmmmm, so many options for Kucinich on this one. Maybe end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Make single-payer healthcare the law of the land? Throw Dick Cheney in jail?

"Well, I think I would order everyone to have vegan chocolate chip brownies," the lawmaker calmly replied.

Come again?

Kucinich continued, "I've been a vegan since 1995, and as a result I've had great health, tremendous energy, and mental clarity ... I had Crohn's disease as a kid, and a pretty severe case of it, but when I changed my diet my symptoms began to disappear."

Later in the interview, when asked about conservative Blue Dog Democrats in Congress, Kucinich answered, "Well, my wife and I have three dogs, two rescue beagles and a cocker spaniel that ran in the door of our house one day and rescued himself.

"There are lots of dogs out there who need rescuing, but I can't offer you any advice about your Blue Dogs."

Watch the whole interview here