Rahm Emanuel's brother to sue iPhone app developer

Ari Emanuel, the famous Hollywood talent agent and brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, announced Friday that he intends to sue an Irish iPhone app developer over its newly released game, SuperAgent.

Emanuel's lawyers say the game infringes on his rights because the main character in the game is clearly based on him and that the Irish firm, FactorySix, is using his name to promote the game.  Emanuel's firm, WME, represents clients such as Martin Scorsese and Matt Damon.

The game's Web site even uses Ari's name. It's headline: "Think you're SuperAgent Ari? Then prove it."

Oisin Hanrahan, co-founder of FactorySix, refutes Emanuel's argument.

"This game is based on Hollywood, not one very important person in Hollywood, and simply because Mr. Emanuel identifies with the lead character does not mean it is based on him," he said in a press release late Friday. "We are taking it as complement that we got the game so close to being real."

The game sells for $1.99 on iTunes.

It isn't the first time Ari Emanuel's likeness has been used for entertainment purposes. One of the main characters in HBO's "Entourage," played by Jeremy Piven (shown here) is based on him and even shares the same first name. But HBO apparently cleared it with Ari first.

FactorySix says its trying to clear up the misunderstanding. In the meantime, it's sending a free copy of the game to Emanuel.