First couple gets H1N1 vaccine

President Barack Obama said Monday that he and First Lady Michelle Obama got their H1N1 vaccinations over the weekend. Their daughters, Sasha and Malia, had already been vaccinated.

In an Oval Office interview with American Urban Radio Networks' April Ryan, Obama stressed how safe it is to get the vaccine.

"Malia and Sasha actually had it several months ago, right when it was first being made available to school-age children," Obama said. "That's the most important population because this flu, unlike seasonal flu, disproportionately affects children and young people -- healthy children and young people as well as people with underlying conditions like asthma or neurological diseases."

Obama said he and First Lady Michelle Obama waited to get the vaccine when they were sure there was enough nationwide for children to be vaccinated.

"I think people just need to understand:  If I had the two people that are most important in my life, my two daughters, get it right away -- and they've been just fine with it and in fact haven't gotten sick this entire flu season -- then you need to know that you need to make sure your children get it as well," Obama said.