They say that politics doesn't matter in the bedroom, but a new skit from a liberal advocacy group aims to convince young voters that it does.

Rock the Vote, the youth-focused voters' group known for its longtime partnership with MTV, has released a new internet video called "Hold Out for Healthcare," produced by the comedy website

In it, actors Zach Gilford, who stars as Matt Saracen in the NBC hit show "Friday Night Lights," and Eva Amurri, who plays Jackie in the Showtime hit "Californication," jointly narrate a lecture encouraging young people to put their sex lives on the line for healthcare reform.

Unlike most stars who appear in advocacy ads, the pair never identify themselves by their TV shows. Instead, they deliver their lines with a funny, soap-opera style melodrama that's almost tongue-in-cheek; but not quite.

Their message to viewers? "Rock the Vote" by denying sex to potential partners who oppose healthcare reform. "Politics is personal," they say, and a person's political beliefs are critical to determining their sexual attractiveness.