In what might be the first prank of his presidency, Barack Obama posed as "Barry from D.C." when he called in to WTOP's live broadcast Tuesday and surprised outgoing Virginia governor Tim Kaine (D).

"I want to complain about traffic in Northern Virginia," 'Barry' began, completely fooling the governor and chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

But his unique voice quickly gave him away, and he segued into thanks for Kaine's service to Virginia and his support in helping to win Virginia for Obama in the 2008 presidential election.

"Of course, your wife is superior to you," Obama joked, "as I think most people would say about the first lady.

"So we've got to stick together," Kaine agreed, laughing.

WTOP news director Mike McMearty told The Hill that planning for the practical joke began four months ago when the governor's staff contacted the White House about a surprise call. "The whole newsroom knew about it, and everyone on Kaine's staff. He was the only one who didn't know."

Initially, the host planned to introduce an anonymous caller from Northwest D.C., but McMearty said it was the president who wanted to be "Barry from D.C."