Obama's Christmas present: 'sports stuff'

President Barack Obama will be getting "sports stuff" for Christmas from his wife this year.

First Lady Michelle Obama revealed the hint on a visit with her daughters, Sasha and Malia, and First Dog Bo to the Children's National Medical Center in Northwest Washington on Tuesday afternoon. The trip continued a tradition of First Ladies' visits to hospitalized kids on Christmas that began with Bess Truman in the 1950s.

During the visit Obama told children that her favorite Christmas carol is "Jingle Bells," while seven-year-old Sasha Obama explained that the White House has a cardboard "Wishing Tree" where people write wishes on pieces of paper and stick them into the tree. "Hopefully, your wish will come true," she said.

Shortly after arriving at the hospital, the first lady (pictured with her daughters in 2008) handed out White House holiday cookies to children in the Heart and Kidney Unit, while Sasha and Malia walked Bo around the atrium, visiting with sick children.

Malia was heard asking one of the girls, "Are you having fun? Are you going home for Christmas?" The answer was yes.

A steel drum band entertained the 200 or so patients and staff until, after about an hour, the first lady arrived with Santa Claus.

As she began to read "'Twas the Night Before Christmas," Bo, a one year-old Portugese water dog, began barking at Santa.

"Quiet Bo," said the first lady. But Bo kept barking, forcing Santa to move to another side of the podium. Sasha and Malia read aloud as well before all three answered questions from the audience. 

Sasha said the holidays will be different this year because "It will be easier to get on airplane," prompting laughter.

Michelle Obama told the crowd that there are 26 Christmas trees at the White House, to which Malia added, "Unfortunately we don't get presents under every tree."