Rep. Coffman breaks his foot; misses dancing on New Year's Eve

While many of his colleagues spent the holiday talking to their constituents about the healthcare system, Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.) went one step further: He tested it out himself.

Coffman needed emergency medical attention after he broke his foot on Christmas morning while running in the snow with his dog. His wife took him to an urgent care center, and Coffman told The Denver Post that his health insurance covered all but a $30 co-pay.

But even with a painful broken bone, the healthcare debate was never far from his mind: As the 54-year-old was limping home on the broken foot, a constituent stopped him to talk about -- what else? -- healthcare reform.

The veteran lawmaker, who voted against the House version of the healthcare reform bill late last year, will be sporting a stars-and-stripes cast on his right foot for at least six weeks.

The injury prevented Coffman from mingling with his guests at his annual New Year's Eve party Thursday night. It also kept him from dancing; Coffman said he missed doing his annual Russian dance, where he kicks his feet in the air.

There's always next year.

H/T: Bob Cusack 

Photo: Hyoung Chang, The Denver Post