Jenny Sanford's memoir to arrive two months early
For all those political junkies who are waiting with bated breath for South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford's memoir to be released, the wait just got significantly shorter.

The book's publisher, Ballantine Books, announced TUesday that the memoir will be released February 5, instead of the previously announced date of April 2010.

Titled "Staying True," the book chronicles Sanford's efforts to to take care of her four young boys during the dissolution of her marriage to Governor Mark Sanford (R).

Sanford admitted to an extra-marital affair in June of last year, and in December Jenny Sanford announced she was seeking a divorce after "many unsuccessful efforts at reconciliation."

The publisher's online synopsis says that Sanford will "reveal her private ordeal," and describe "the many ways that the seductions of power can drive apart even the most committed couples."

The memoir is 240 pages long, and the cover is a photo of Sanford wearing a salmon pink top and sitting in a wheat field.