Chaffetz: TV producers 'love' me

Opinions vary on how much media exposure is good for a politician, but for freshman Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) there's no debate: the more, the better.

As viewers of cable news channels will attest, Chaffetz seems willing to go on camera anytime and talk about anything.

And it appears that he is.

In a recent interview in the Desert News, Chaffetz described a typical conversation he has with a TV news producer:

'We've got this spot, can you be on?'  the producer will ask.

"I'll say yes, then ask what the topic is," said Chaffetz. "They love that."

He then offered up some sample praise from producers: ""You're so easy to work with," they'll say, and "we can count on you.""

Chaffetz, who starred in a CNN web TV show about life as a first year-congressman, speculated that he is one of only "a handful" of members of Congress who don't negotiate interview questions before appearing on live TV.

Most members are "so scared of going on television and having a YouTube moment," he said, referring to the possibility that a lawmaker's verbal gaffe becomes a viral video on the Internet.

That is clearly not a worry for Chaffetz, whose name brings up 269 unique videos in a quick YouTube search.

Chaffetz (pictured here granting a radio interview on the go) also mentioned his willingness to give reporters his personal cell phone number and communicate directly with them, sometimes even via text messages; a rarity in Congress.

So how has the national media reacted to his "more is more" strategy so far?  Chaffetz said they are "fascinated."