Pelosi spokesman and Prosecutor Fitzgerald welcome new additions

Congratulations are in order for two well-recognized characters on Capitol Hill: über-prosecutor U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) deputy communications director, Nadeam Elshami.

On Dec. 19, Layla Sophia Elshami was born to Elshami and his wife Stacy just after 11 a.m., in what Elshami said was “the height of the snowstorm of the century.” Stacy Elshami is reportedly doing well “after a rough patch.”

Nadeam Elshami told ITK that his new daughter is mellow and relaxed, neither of which are typical traits in their family: “Stacy and I are thankful for Layla, but we’re wondering, ‘What’s this calm, quiet kid doing in this family?’ ”

Two days later, Fitzgerald, 49, and his wife Jennifer welcomed their first son, Conor. Fitzgerald is known for keeping his personal life under wraps, despite (or because of) the high-profile nature of the cases he has argued. His 2007 engagement to Chicago teacher Jennifer Letzkus came as a surprise to many. 

Nadeam said that his son Noah and his daughter Jena can’t/won’t leave the baby alone, but “she is totally laid-back and doesn’t care.”