Two-ton ice sculpture of Al Gore spews 'hot air'

Former Vice President Al Gore believes the planet is heating up, but in one Alaska town, he's getting a very frosty reception.

A two-ton ice sculpture of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner's head was erected in front of a Fairbanks liquor store on Tuesday, with a pipe connecting Gore's mouth to the exhaust pipe of a pick-up truck. When the truck's engine is running, Gore appears to be spewing "hot air."

Adding to the comedic effect is a soundtrack of Gore talking about environmental issues, the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports.

The statue was paid for by two Fairbanks businessmen who disagree with Gore's views on the topic of climate change. A similar sculpture was displayed last year, drawing more than 1.7 million hits to a web site with photos and commentary about the statue.

This year is the first time the sculpture has spewed smoke.