Amid PETA flap, White House asks company to stop using image of Obama

Weatherproof, an outdoor clothing company, is in trouble for featuring an ad with President Barack Obama on it.

MSNBC reported that the ad features Barack Obama in front of the Great Wall of China and is currently hanging in Times Square.
Weatherproof did not ask for permission to use the photo and The White House asked the company this week to take down the billboard.
In the Know reported yesterday that Michelle Obama’s image was similarly used in a PETA ad against fur. While The White House does not like images to be used commercially, it is not illegal for PETA or Weatherproof to do so. Weatherproof didn't think it was necessary to ask for permission, as it doesn't say Barack Obama endorses the product, the Telegraph reported. PETA said that they haven't "asked the White House to fund or promote the campaign, as they can't do such things." They claim to not have done anything wrong by using the First Lady's photo, the Associated Press reported.