After minor car accident, Schock tweets comparison with Tiger Woods

Illinois has caught some of the worst of the season's snowstorms, and on Thursday the state's its icy roads claimed another victim: Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.). Schock's car reportedly hit a patch of ice while he was driving in Peoria, causing him to lose control and skid into another car.

Luckily the accident was minor; there were no inujureis and the two drivers agreed not to involve the police, according to celebrity gossip site TMZ

On Friday, Schock riffed on golf legend Tiger Woods' well-known auto accident in a Twitter post about his own mishap on the road. He also took aim at the celebrity gossip site TMZ, which posted the incident.

TMZ also extensively covered Woods' crash, prompting Schock to tweet:

Glad tmz is reporting on a car accident that doesn't involve fire hydrants or golf clubs and I'm glad no one was hurt

The circumstances surrounding Woods' crash led to revelations that he had cheated on his wife Elin Nordegren with multiple other women. Nordegren has since left Woods.