Stage is set for 'HOPE-The Obama Musical Story'

A preview of the new play "HOPE-The Obama Musical Story," was staged in Offenbach, Germany this week, and judging by these photos and video, it looks like a rollicking good show.

The Broadway-style political biopic is sung in English, and all the major characters from the 2008 presidential race make an appearance, including (clockwise from top left) a scantily clad former Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin, a gospel-crooning Rev. Jeremiah Wright, former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), and former Democratic candidate Barack Obama (D-Ill.) along with his wife, Michelle.

Even Michelle Obama's mother, Marian Robinson, has her own number.

The show seems like the perfect formula for a hit, at least in Europe: Germans are notorious musical-theater lovers, and President Obama enjoys approval ratings in Germany that far outpace his U.S. numbers.

"HOPE-The Obama Musical Story" will debut in Frankfurt, Germany on Jan. 17. In the meantime, check out this highlight video: