Meryl Streep 'star-struck' by Obamas

Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep has only been star-struck once in her life. But it wasn't by a Hollywood star.

As she told the India Times, "I was star-struck by our president and first lady," whom she met for the first time during a recent visit to the White House.

Also present that day was a long-time fan of President Barack Obama, rocker Bruce Springsteen.

Streep, who was born in New Jersey, said Springsteen "impressed" her, but the movie star saved the lavish praise for Obama.

"I think it is thrilling to have someone who is thoughtful and can articulate with a certain amount of passion and dispassion, the necessary choices that we have in the world," she said.

Obama has named Streep one of his favorite actors, which of course thrilled Streep.

Streep did not contribute to Obama's presidential campaign, according to a review of contributions at, but it's a good bet that'll happen in 2012.