Advice for Palin: 'You're not the star, Bill O'Reilly is'

Fox News Channel contributor Juan Williams has some advice for his new colleague at Fox News, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin (R), who makes her debut on the cable news channel Tuesday night on a live broadcast of The O'Reilly Factor.

"When [you're] on Bill O'Reilly's show," said Williams, "remember you're not the star ... Bill O'Reilly is."

The counsel came in response to Palin's announcement on Monday that she would join Fox News as a contributor. Williams appeared on C-SPAN's Washington Journal program where audience members asked him about Palin.

Williams said he was glad she was joining Fox, because "she's a ratings grabber ... and a lightning rod," adding that "both her fans and her critics will watch her."

But he warned Palin not to try to steal the spotlight from O'Reilly: "People tune in to watch Bill [O'Reilly]," he said, "and the guest is often just a foil for him."

Williams also cautioned that the "rapid-fire" style of punditry on cable news could be challenging for Palin, who is "more used to critics from afar."