Candidate wooed Joan Rivers with vial of 'blood'

Meet George Flinn, a wealthy doctor and Republican Shelby County commissioner who is expected to make some noise in the GOP primary for retiring Rep. John Tanner's (D-Tenn.) seat.

In 1990, Flinn was chosen by Joan Rivers to go on a date with her, having been picked among more than 1,000 entries in a nationwide contest. According to a transcript of a CBS News interview that followed, Flinn made it to the final three, at which point he took part in a Dating Show-like contest on Rivers's talk show. And he won.

His method for winning? He sent her a vial of blood (or at least a worthy facsimilie).

From the transcript of the interview with Harry Smith:

Smith: What did you -- what did you do to get the attention of the -- of -- of the staff?

Flinn: Of her staff?

Smith: Um-mm.

Flinn: Well, I said Joan Rivers -- I need to be her honey because she's in my blood and I sent a vial of red fluid with her picture in it. Now the key was that I put up there: This is not real blood. And I think that really caught the comedy writer's attention.

It's time for someone to step forward with this video. We must find out if this was all as weird as it sounds.