Saturday Night Live's Fred Armisen had made quite a name for himself with his impression of New York Gov. David Paterson (D).

Armisen frequently appears on the NBC comedy show's "Weekend Update" segment as the governor, often riffing off Paterson's blindness and his (most likely fictional) hatred of New Jersey.

Now Paterson is firing back, and from the sound of it, he may even be willing to throw a few punches.

Appearing with host Don Imus on Fox Business network Wednesday morning, the governor said, "I can take a joke about my disability…and by the way I don’t bounce off walls and if anyone at Saturday Night Live would like to have me on, we could find out.  Maybe I could bounce of few left hands off of them."

Paterson then explained that jokes like Armisen's are "what stops small business owners" from hiring disabled employees who would be "effective."

"They can ridicule me all they want.  I’m the governor—I have a job. But there are so many people out there who don’t..."

Before he finished he took one final dig at the show: If they want ratings, he said, "They need Sarah Palin to come back on."

See for yourself if SNL deserves a "few left hands" from the governor: