Former Senator (D-N.C.) and 2004 Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards's popularity has now fallen to 15% in his home state of North Carolina in a new Public Policy Polling survey, marking the lowest finding for Edwards of any PPP poll ever, four points lower than his 19% favorable opinion in May.

Edwards fell from political grace in late 2008, after a news broke of an affair and possible child out of wedlock with filmmaker Rielle Hunter. But a new book on the 2008 campaign reveals more nasty details about his turbulent marriage, and may have further damaged his popularity. The book, "Game Change," is by authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann.

The poll also notes that Edwards is more unpopular with men (75%) than women (68%).  25% of Democrats still hold a favorable view of him, but only 9% of independents and 3% of Republicans do.

The survey also found a steep drop in Elizabeth Edwards's popularity, who now garners 46% approval, down from 58% in May. THis may also be attributable to "Game Change:" the book portrays Elizabeth Edwards in an unflattering light.