The alleged White House gate crashers didn't have much to say on Capitol Hill Wednesday, but just one day earlier they didn't hold back, dishing a bizarre accusation at The Washington Post.

Tareq Salahi accused the Post of reporting his and his wife Michaele's attendance at the White House state dinner as a form of retaliation against the couple for unpaid advertising bills.

"If you look at our bankruptcy filing, you'll see that we owed The Washington Post $24,000 for advertising," Salahi told the Loudon Times Mirror. "Because of the bad economy, we could not pay it. The Post retaliated against us by putting that story out there."

Washington Post spokeswoman Kris Coratti told ITK that Salahi's assertion is "not even worthy of a response," although she confirmed that the Post is owed $24,000 by the couple.

Salahi also said he plans to sue the Post for libel, but Coratti was unaware of any contact between Salahi and The Washington Post on this matter.

If Salahi does choose to sue, at least he's got some practice: The Salahis are currently involved in 16 other civil suits, according to CNN.