Pelosi to host leaders of SEIU, AARP at State of the Union Address

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) released a list of the guests who will join her Wednesday night in her private box for President Barack Obama's first State of the Union address. Among them are Service Employees International Union Treasurer Anna Burger and Barry Rand, CEO of AARP.

Unlike First Lady Michelle Obama's box, which is largely filled with students, entrepreneurs, and members of the military, Pelosi's guest list is comprised mainly of the heads of large non-governmental organizations and labor leaders.

Viewers watching the speech should keep their eyes out for, from left to right:

Pelosi's son, Paul Pelosi, Jr.
Pelosi's brother, former mayor of Baltimore Thomas D'Alesandro (D)
Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley (D)
Washington, D.C.Mayor Adrian Fenty (D)
Ted Kennedy, Jr., son of the lateSen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.)
Ophelia Dahl, Executive Director, Partners In Health
Barry Rand, CEO, AARP
Janet Murguía, President and CEO, National Council of La Raza
Ben Jealous, President and CEO, NAACP

Other guests in the Speaker's box will include:
Ambassador Elizabeth Bagley, whose husband, Democratic fundraiser Smith Bagley passed away earlier this month
Anna BurgerSEIU
Richard Trumka, president, AFL-CIO
Jim Guest, president and CEO, Consumers Union

Pelosi has also invited former Speaker of the House Tom Foley (D-Wash.)