Oops! GOP tells New Mexico voters not to support Va. lawmaker

This is bound to happen when you send the same, slightly modified press release to several dozen districts. But it probably doesn't play well locally.

The NRCC apprently sent a release to Virginia Beach suggesting that New Mexicans, rather than Virginians, have had quite about enough of freshman Rep. Glenn Nye (D-Va.).

It's not yet clear what Nye has done to offend voters in the Southwest.

From the Hampton Roads Daily Press:

This just in, from the National Republican Congressional Committee:

Will Glenn Nye Vote for a Budget that Spends Too Much,

Taxes Too Much, and Borrows Too Much?

After Last Year’s Monstrosity, Obama Administration Asks Democrats to Back Even More Debt and Bigger Deficits

Washington- If New Mexico taxpayers thought they had seen the worst of Glenn Nye's fiscal recklessness, today’s White House budget proposal makes it clear that the worst could be yet to come....

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