Bayh on posing nude for Cosmo: 'I’m all for full disclosure, but not the full monty'

Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) responded Tuesday to Cosmopolitan magazine editor Kate White's invitation to pose nude for the ladies mag. "I’m all for full disclosure, but not the full monty," he joked to ITK.

White told on Monday that "If we can't get [Sen.-elect] Scott [Brown (R-Mass.)] to come back, the only other U.S. senator we want is Evan Bayh."

White was referring to Brown's 1982 nude modeling gig in the magazine, which the incoming senator has said he regrets.

Explaining why her readers would like to see Bayh in the buff, White said, "We think he's hot in a natural, low-key, Midwestern sort of way, and while he seems stuck in the typical red tie rut, we're happy to see that at least his hair isn't pasted down in the standard Senate stay-press style."

White is not alone in her glowing review of the junior senator: In 1999, Bayh was listed on People magazine's list of America's "50 Most Beautiful" people.