Cabin fever driving Hill staffers back to work

House staffers said they are looking forward to finally having a day in the office, after a week of foregoing their Capitol Hill routine for a home office filled with snow shoveling, e-mail writing, and catching up on work-related reading amidst television reruns.

“I know this is going to sound weird, but I really can’t wait to have a full day of work in the office tomorrow,” said one Democratic aide, who added that “cabin fever” had set in long ago.

Working from home may sound like a sweet deal, but not when it’s coupled with four days of no school for children, said another Hill staffer.

“I’m hoping, praying, that schools open back up tomorrow,” said the Republican staffer, who lives in Northern Virginia. “There’s only so much Sponge Bob that one should have to endure.”

House and Senate operations are expected to be back to nearly normal on Friday, including childcare services.

Another staffer worried that with everyone making a mass trek back to the Hill, traffic and parking will be an issue.

“I suspect tomorrow will be back to business for just about everybody,” said one Republican staffer who had worked from home most of the week.

“The real hassle is just going to be that everyone’s finally thawing out and is going to be taking the Metro and driving.”