Kerry to take over Kennedy's desk in the Senate chamber

Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) said Thursday he is "honored" to take over the Senate desk occupied for nearly 50 years by the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) and before him by his brother, President John F. Kennedy.

Kerry for years had been using the middle-of-the-floor seat used by the second of the three Kennedy brothers, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy (D-N.Y.), who was assasinated in 1968. That desk will now be used by Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.).

The Kennedy desk that Kerry will now occupy is located near the back of the chamber.

Sen. Edward Kennedy reportedly preferred that desk to one more forward in the chamber, as his seniority would have allowed him to choose, because it was used by JFK during his days as a junior senator.

"I will take it over very proudly, and be forever reminded, as I work at that desk, of Ted Kennedy," Kerry said.